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En Esos Tiempos...

martes, agosto 29, 2006

Dj Radafi Presenta : 2Pac - The Ghetto Gospel Mixtape
Track Lista
01. 2Pac- Only Fear Of Death (Lord Give Me A Sign)
02. 2Pac- Dear Mama (My Place)
03. 2Pac- Ghetto Gospel (Right Now)
04. 2Pac- Still Ballin (Holla At Me)
05. 2Pac- Who Do You Believe In (Sunshine)
06. 2Pac- Never Be Peace (Rain On Me)
07. 2Pac- Nothin To Lose (Kenji)

sábado, agosto 26, 2006

Informacion del Proximo Album
Ne-Yo en una reciente entrevista otorgada el 23 de agosto, Confirma a posibles colaboraciones y producciones del tan esperado proximo y posible ultimo album de 2Pac
Esta es la Entrevista en que habla del album de Pac
Ne-Yo: Aye hows it going this is Ne-Yo
Rahim: hey whats up man
Rahim: mind if i interview you with some questions
Ne-Yo: Yeah i got time for a few before we go eat
Rahim: alrite, some questions I have are related to the next 2Pac album and your contributions to it
Rahim: How did you end up on 2Pac's album
Ne-Yo: My management told me about the project and i was honored so i agreed went to the studio and now waiting to hear what the production team did with it
Rahim: What is the name of the track you are featured on, were there any other artists colaberating as well, and can you say who is apart of the production team?
Ne-Yo: Kanye west and dj mellow. And honestly they just had me lay some vocals. When they get done mixing it the track will be named
Ne-Yo: But i do know that the song is kinda like a keep your head up track
Rahim: Can you tell us anything else about the album, any other guest artists or producers that you know of?
Ne-Yo: I know scott storch did some tracks and so did kanye. And kanye is rapping on there 2. There is also a song with pac B.I.G., Big L, Left Eye, Big Pun, Rick James and Aaliyah
Rahim: Can you give us any information on release dates or when the first single will be out? Ne-Yo: Thats something i just dont know
Ne-Yo: what i did hear is this is the last pac album
Rahim: Tell us a little bit on working with J. Wright. How is everything going with the tour
Ne-Yo: he is the hardest working artist i know and everyone on this tour is backing him up Rahim: Can you give me specific details on J. Wright's up comming album
Ne-Yo: He produced most of the album with his older brother chief big
Rahim: Is there a release date for the album, and what other artists will be collaberating
Ne-Yo: His album is coming out this thanksgiving and im on it chris is on it lil fizz lil romeo and others.
Rahim: Alrite. Any last words?
Ne-Yo: check out j.wright on myspace
Rahim: Okay, thanks for your time man. I really appreciate this.
Ne-Yo: Anytime
Tambien se comenta que saldran estos artistas Kanye (rapeara & producira) Johnny J (producira), Left Eye, Big L, Biggie, Big Pun, Aaliyah, Rick James, Scott Scorch (producira), E-40, DK , Snoop y posiblemente QD3 en la produccion.

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Impresiones Limitadas de Makaveli
Aquien no le gustaria tener una de estas?....

miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

Rob E. Rob & 2Pac - The Official
>Descargalo Aca<

lunes, agosto 21, 2006

2Pac Comerciales

Contiene los Comerciales de la Pelicula Resurrection, 2Pac Nu Mixx, el Trailer para Greatest Hits CD, el Trailer de The Untouchables Mixtape, el Trailer para Gridlock y el Trailer del Album : Makaveli 7 Day Theory, entre otros.
Descarga >>> Comerciales de 2Pac
Video Promo de Dare 2 Struggle
Video Promocional de Disco Tributo hacia 2Pac "Dare 2 Struggle" que ya esta a la venta
Lista del Track
1. Dr. Mutulu Shakur - PSA
2. Mopreme Shakur - Straight Ahead
3. Outlawz - Blessings
4. Slick - Since You've Been Gone
5. S.C.U. f/ Dr. Shakur - Enemies of the State
6. Legacy - Never Give Up
7. Strap f/ Imaan Faith - The Truth
8. S.C.U. f/ Dr. Shakur - Thug Code
9. T-Jay f/ Johnny 'J' - Still
10. S.C.U. f/ Nzingha Shakur - The First Teardrop
11. TQ - Listen 12. P.O.W. - The Struggle
13. S.C.U. - Missing In Action
14. Dr. Shakur f/ Nzingha - For Tupac Amaru

Mas Información >>>http://www.daretostruggle.org/

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CrukstarZ Presents - 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G & Big L - Living In Pain
The Outlawz
In The Event Of My Demise
>2Pac Tributo<
Artist: Tupac Shakur ~ Outlawz & Geronimo Ji Jaga
Album: The Rose That Grew From Concrete Vol. 1 *
song: In the Event of My Demise

* Poemas escritos por Pac~ interpretados por otros artistas
[Geronimo Ji Jaga]
In the event of my demise
when my heart can beat no more
I hope I die for a princeple
Or a belief that I have lived for
I will die before my time
Beacause I feel the shadow's depth
So much I wanted to acomplish
Before I reached my death
I have to come to grips with the possibility
And wiped the last tear from my eyes
I loved all who were positive
In the event of my demise
[Young Noble]
In the event of my demise don't shed no tear
I'll share my wizdom with the world, they'll know I was here
Know I was clear, every thing I said I ment
A outlaw, when I was born they prepared my ditch
Said I won't live long, statistic showed
I'm tryna past 24 realistic goal, listen all
You gotta stay cold inside
That's what I tell myself when I feel alone sometime
But I can't cry, I don't tear no more
I love god, from death I don't fear no more
A part taken in this movment to better my people
Though they see me on TV, I tell them we equal
Don't look at me as a stranger, I'm one of your own
We was rised in concrete and grew as a rose
Still I rise, but never get a chance to fly
Mama please don't cry
In the event of my demise
[Chorus - Young Noble]
In the event of my demise
can't breathe no more
hope I die for a princeple
something I lived for
dying before my time
feel the shadows of depth
Trying to fulfill all my dreams before I reach my death
came to grips with the possibility
The world's killing me, and my soldiers die young with no sympathy
I wipe the last tear from my eyes
I loved all who stand strong
In the event of my demise
If I should die before I awake
let my family be stairght of the money I make
Give my son, what he needs, other than his father
Is it self respect, better get his honor
with the law come to swallow my soul, it's so big
Cause the street took enough of my life, we all see
It's a cycle make you feel psycho
Everything struggles behind this man, see nobody love you
Got a piece of the streets and it's gonna die with me
may your, soul forgive me
Makaveli's within me
In principle we stand by stronger than power
We gon' die by the rules you can never devour
On the earth from my birth fell nothing but pain
only thing I ever gave was the baby the name
that's my heart, and if I should go I'll go on in sparks
that's the event of my demise, and it lurks in the dark
Now as I stand here, a man here
Not a perfect one, but a searching one
Seek in another, blazing time
Sound crazy but I'm actually tryin to escape my mind
Tryna rise in time
but hoping that you didn't notice
When i was at my low as
So I knew they were watching, I couldn't stop it
So many things I wanted to accomplish
Too many dreams, wasted with no promise
From out the darkness I struggle to see the light
Rumble deep in the night
Hustlin with all of my might
Some won't see it that way
But us is given praise
But all of them will dream
That I did it my way
In the event of my demise
I was born to a storm that won't lead up
And I was rased to stay brave with my head up
But thing ain't got better
We still gettin wetter in this bad weather
I need more than a sweater and a leather
Yo, ain't nothin ment to last forever
So the stuggling and the suffering ain't gon' last forever
And my will, probably be like two lines long
It will read I'm dead but my soul lives on
And my spirit still living though my body is gone
In the event of my demise I love all who stay strong
I love all who stay strong
In the event of my demise, com'on
[Geronimo Ji Jaga]
In the event of my demise
when my heart can beat no more
I hope I die for a princeple
Or a belief that I have lived for
I will die before my time
Beacause I feel the shadow's depth
So much I wanted to acomplish
Before I reached my death
I have to come to grips with the possibility
And wiped the last tear from my eyes
I loved all who were positive
In the event of my demise
Proximamente en XXL Magazine
Un Reportaje a fondo a la figura de Tupac Amaru Shakur saldrá en la edición de octubre del presente año

Son Rize Vol.2
Se Comenta que el volumen 2 del tan esperado mixtape oficial de Yaki Kadafi, estara próximo a salir... fecha? no se sabe aún, una de las cosas que se sabe( y es obvia también), es que saldrán colaboraciones de 2Pac y los Outlawz.
Proximamente DJ Fatal & DJ Hitman Presentaran : 2Pac - Black Angel Of Death
Como Parte del Decimo Aniversario de su Lamentable Muerte, DJ Fatal & DJ Hitman Liberaran este Mixtape el 13 de Septiembre.
Este Seria La Lista del Track
01. "Intro"
02. "Hold On Be Strong" (DJ Hitman Remix)
03. "Let Them Thangs Go" feat. Brick & Lace (DJ Fatal Remix)
04. "Nothing To Lose" (DJ Fatal Remix)
05. "Thugz Mansion" feat. Lauryn Hill (DJ Hitman Remix)
06. "Homeboyz" feat. Outlawz (DJ Hitman Remix)
07. "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" feat. Tami Chynn (DJ Fatal Remix)
08. "Me Against The World" feat. Dramacydal (DJ Hitman Remix)
09. "Can U Get Away" feat. Johnta Austin & Jadakiss (DJ Fatal Remix)
10. "Baby Don't Cry" feat. Outlawz (DJ Hitman Remix)
11. "Loyal To The Game" feat. Cormega & Vybz Kartel (DJ Hitman Remix)12. "Temptations" (DJ Hitman Remix)
13. "Never Call You Bitch Again" (DJ Hitman Remix)
14. "Losin' It" feat. Big Syke & Spice 1 (DJ Fatal Remix)
15. "There U Go" feat. Outlawz, John Legend & Miri Ben-Ari (DJ Fatal Remix)
16. "Who Do You Believe In" feat. Kadafi (DJ Fatal Remix)
Para mas informacion y a la vez escuchar 4 temas disponibles de este mixtape
Dominator Presenta The True OG Vibe Album

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Made Niggaz
(Full Version with Piggy & Buffy intro)


viernes, agosto 18, 2006

Makaveli Branded
La Ropa que se inspira en el vestir de Pac. Durante toda su carrera Pac tambien fue conocido por su buen vestir, los diseños de Makaveli Branded son influenciados de acuerdo a como vistio en su flamante trayectoria.

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Hit Em Up (Video Version)

miércoles, agosto 16, 2006

Cover de Keep Ya Head Up
Lyfe Jennings un artista de R&B en su album "The Phoenix" que muy prontamente sera lanzado, incluira la cancion de Pac "Keep Your Head Up " en una nueva version.
Daz menciona el nuevo álbum de 2Pac en una Entrevista

El domingo, julio 30, 2006 TSS™ en los Presentes que Fuman las Sesiones Con Daz

TSS: Permítanos hablar acerca de los años en Death Row. ¿Usted trabajó en producción de All Eyez On Me?

DAZ: Sí, obtuve las mejores 5 canciones.

TSS: ¿Piensa usted que el impacto de su pérdida es sentida todavía?

DAZ: Sí, porque él tuvo a las personas correctas en su mierda...Ellos estan regresando, realmente en tratar de obtener a las personas originales que colaboraron con Pac. Están en eso hace un tiempo. Oí que ellos trataban de obtener a 50 Cent para hacer el álbum. nadie quiere oír esa mierda.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Thug Life
Young Thugz feat 2Pac
2Pac Intro
The question, is it real?The answer, the young muthafuckin’ thugs, (nigga)K-Doggs (that’s right),Young Hollywood (c’mon),Big muthafuckin’ Malcolm,representin’ on the muthafuckin’ high level,these muthafuckas just don’t understand me.They all family, why don’t you niggas hit these bustas up!
Young Hollywood (Kadafi)
What’s up for ’95? Yeah, ’95 sound live!From doin’ crimes, no more runnin’ from one-time.Although I know I role I gets for my title.When I was young, that nickel-plated Four-Fifth was my idol.Chrome, stones, bones, and portable phones,getting’ big hoes while I’m sittin’ at home,Is what I scheme of, so NOW what I dream of,is a life full of trouble, in fact,countin’ double digit stacks,lay back for a minute, 400 SEL, yeah, I could see myself in it!Murder for money, you ever heard of a dummy,with glocks between his tummy, low down dirty and crummy.Talkin’ bout that Thug Life be the only life I know,talkin’ bout that drug life without this rap shit,probably be the only route I go.And matter of fact I know I’ll strive through this fo sho, live that Thug Life
(Chorus: Girl)Thug Life, it’s the only life for me.Thug Life, forever hustlin’ in the street.Thug Life, when no one else was there for me.Thug Life, these G’s became my family.
Big Mal (Edi)
Thug Life, ever since we was from day one,lickin’ shots, getting back in the frustration,Live my (?) was never my thought, I guess it’s my fault,I told to support, that nigga with his FUCKIN’ court!I’m boldy, drinkin’ slowly, smash his finger to the pole,least no matter when makin’ snaps with the homies.Now y’all know it ain’t right,but when young niggas sure don’t like,tryin to survive through the stripe,with a buck and a butter knife, you fuckin’ right!I go loony for loot G, without a bootsy,see I was raised in this crazed world forever,thuggin’ is how I stay, clutchin’ pay, and duckin’ strays.I’m just a young thug, glad to see twenty, and plenty more,but the olders say that’s a trip that I ain’t ready for.So it’s only right, for me to earn my fuckin’ stripes,everyday I fight. Livin’ that…
(Chorus: Girl)
K-Dogg (Kastro)
Well, some niggas wonder where the real niggas win a few cents,make me represent harder, no doe I cant bother cuz,don’t nuttin’ move but the papers, when niggas catch vapors,more and more niggas doin’ capers.For them stacks of ends, me and my mens, it all means,the black Benz, on rims, and diamond rings.Make me think thoughts, of all sorts, and no lesser,puffin’ on ‘ports for the pressure.While the cells floss, thugs born to the full,get on and take pull, punks are livin’ wonderful.Array and Bubonic make a play day,pass away and I pray that a nigga lay,in peace, please tuck my leaves in the piece,with the real sticks and snaps, no haps, I guess I gotta peel.For realla, my niggas never showed me nothin’ right,now I’m hype on this muthafuckin’ Thug Life!
(Chorus: Girl)Thug Life, it’s the only life for me.(I gotta live the )Thug Life, forever hustlin’ in the street.(Don’t’ know if I can live a) Thug Life, when no one else was there for me.(All we had was a) Thug Life, these G’s became my family. (Repeat Chorus)
Who do a young nigga got out here these muthafuckin’ days?Preachers?Them muh’fuckas is crooked as the muthafuckin’ niggas on the streets.Cops?Muh’fuckas takin’ bribes, endin’ lives, those niggas don’t give a fuck about me.Nigga want a G, I’ll be lost in the muthafuckin’ sauce. (really?)Now I’m a G, I’M boss. (right)Starin’ at this muthafuckin’ Thug Life. (That’s right)Keep a nigga real, keep me on my toes, Lord knows. (y’know)I don’t know what tomorrow bring,I do know one thing, (What’s that?)ain’t nothin’ gon’ change bout this game. (Oh yeah)Fuck the fame, all I want is the riches,side-steppin’ the bitches, (right?) the snitches, they lay in ditches, (right?)dead, two to the head, stead of me going to the penitentiary,nigga I been doin’ this shit since the days of elementary.Figure me fallin’, I’m continuously ballin’, (Right?)never die, always high. (right)Thug Life, baby, Have you seen me lately? (uh-uh)These young muthafuckin’ thugs,K-Doggs, Young Hollywood, Big Malkie, Muthafuckin’ Mutah, (Right)niggas ain’t to be fucked with, (Never that)they ain’t fin- fin to be played with. (Never that)If we can slay half these muthafuckas in the business, (All Day)what is this, (Every Day) muthafuckas think you can beat me,shit, y’all niggas is tweakin’.Y’all can’t fade these niggas, (never)these is the craziest muthafuckin’ niggas in y’all age bracket. (Thuggin’ to the fullest)And I can have you muthafuckas out the box,why y’all niggas out there screamin’ about bitches and shit,(y’all niggas can’t fade me)all that bullshit, we ain’t gon’ name no names,cuz if we really wanted beef, we’d bring it to you punk muthafuckas.But half y’all niggas is out there rappin’ like other niggas.These muthafuckas is rappin’ like Thug niggas. (You know who you are)Young muthafuckin’ thugs, they keep it real,(I know you know who you muthafuckas are)and I put that on my muthafuckin’ mama, and everybody mama out there.How bout that you little suckas? (Bustas)Y’all can’t fade this whole crooked ass hit,and after this its gone be another hit, (one more) after that one more.Cuz Moe-Z don’t be playin’, (Never) he don’t be playin’ either, (Slayin’)he be bringin’ you that muthafuckin’ heat! (Heavy Heat)On every single block, on every single street, (Every Street)it’s a Thug Nigga. (Livin’ Thug Life)When you see the police, nigga put up the middle finger, cuz ain’t no love nigga.(Ain’t no love)That’s how we do it in the ghet-to. (All Day)Thought you knew nigga. (these niggas don’t know, tell ‘em tho)Young thugs, bay-bay. (Tell ‘em niggas tho)Hey, If niggas got gats, (If ya got one)put one in the chamber nigga. (Put one in the chamber)Yeah, that’s how we do it. (Can’t do nothin’ without one in the chamber)Stay Strapped. Stay Ready.Hey, but throw your muthafuckin’ hands up if it’s just a fist-fight nigga,(Fist-Fight nigga, don’t be no Thug Nigga,Throw them thangs nigga like the muthafuckin’ old school suckas)and handle it like a muthafuckin’ Thug.Don’t be no Busta, and be runnin’ for the trunk like a sucka.That’s not how we do things around here on Thug Block.On Thug Block, nigga, we throw it from the shoulders, (all day)we always drop boulders, cuz we soldiers. (That’s right)That’s how we do it, (That’s right, nigga)and if you a sucka, you gon’ be a quick-runnin’ for the gun ass nigga.(That’s a sucka for ya)Cuz you need that trigga to feel bigga.But y’know, I’m pull yo hoe card. (Quick right fast)Young Thugs. Thug Life. (Believe Dat! Out. ’95 Money-Making, Thug Life!)
Makaveli Recordz
Los Registros de Makaveli se iniciaron para ser la propia etiqueta sin precedentes de Tupac distribuido por Deathrow Recordz, Makaveli El Don Killuminati: La Teoría del Día 7 iba a ser la primera liberación en la etiqueta. Los artistas planeados para pertenecer a Makaveli Recordz eran : Asu, Big Syke , Ghetto Starr , Nice & Smooth y el Outlawz. La liberación siguiente en Registros de Makaveli habría sido Una Nación, dos álbumes registraron para mostrar a las personas que no había odio entre la costa este y el OESTE . El primer álbum habría sido liberado por Registros de Makaveli y el segundo habría sido liberado por Duck Down Records, con base en Nueva York. Los álbumes habrían sido representados por artistas como Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Boot Camp Clik, D.P.G., Greg Nice, Kokane, Melle Mel, Scarface, Scorpio, Snoop Dogg, Spice 1, the Luniz y por supuesto Tupac.
Informacion Sacada de >>> http://www.hitemup.com/

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Coleccion de Video Clips
2 Of Americanz Most Wanted - pwd: 0234239012
All About You - pwd: 0239129 15
Brenda's Got A Baby - pwd: 192840293
California Love - pwd: 739 2013
Changes - pwd: 8198829245
Cradle To The Grave - pwd: 4485930
Ghetto Gospel - pwd: 9123841204
Hit Em Up - pwd: 7111293874
How Do You Want It - pwd: 91234101107
How Long Wi ll They Mourn Me - pwd: 923829175
I Ain't Mad At Cha - pwd: 2839 33921109
I Get Around - pwd: 338492067
Keep Ya Head Up - pwd: 5676 899
Pour Out A Little Liquor - pwd: 01293664
Thugz Mansion - pwd: 74749820
Unconditional Love - pwd: 1282930494
Until The End Of Time - pwd: 665793

viernes, agosto 11, 2006

Lil Prophet Presenta : Ten Years Gone Vol.2
Lista Track
01. Intro
02. Happy Home (Feat. Eric Clapton)
03. Military Mindz (Feat. Buckshot & Smif -N- Wessun)
04. Fuck Friendz
05. When We Ride on Our Enemies
06. Holler If Ya Hear Me
07. There U Go (Feat. Aaron Hall & The Outlawz)
08. Only Fear of Death
09. Fuck 'em All (Feat. Candyman 187)
10. Can U Get Away? (Feat. Eboni Foster)
11. Hold on Be Strong (Feat. Big Stretch)
12. Bitches (Feat. Greg Nice, Capital LS & Asu)
13. Never Be Peace (Feat. Boot Camp Clik)
14. Do for Love (Feat. Raphael Saadiq)
15. Enemies wit Me (Feat. Young Thugz)
16. California Love (Feat. Dr. Dre & Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
17. Outro

jueves, agosto 10, 2006

DJ Radafi Presenta : Outlaw Immortal Mixtape
Lista Track
01- Surprised But Happy Intro
02- Thug On The Run 4 Life
03- My Struggle
04- Ya'll Gettin Money
05- Best Of Both Worlds Interview
06- Live Loyal Live By The Game
07- Invincible Nigga Too
08- Me And My Blood Money
09- I'll Be Reborn
Outro**BonusTrack**_Struggle Of A G


Made Niggaz
(Version en Camara 360º)

miércoles, agosto 09, 2006

All About U ( Video Version)
Bajen la Version para Video de All About U, Como Ustedes Saben Estos Temas No son Explicitos...

martes, agosto 08, 2006

Tarjeta de 2Pac Auténtica a la Venta
La Tarjeta que repartio Death Row promoviendo los Registros de Euphanasia
La oportunidad de poseer algo que poseyó Pac...

lunes, agosto 07, 2006

En Vivo desde el Hotel Sheraton - Backyard Band con 2Pac
Este concierto fue efectuado en el Hotel Sheraton el 19 de agosto de 1993
Buckshot habla de 2Pac y de One Nation
En una entrvista concedida a Dubcnn, Buckshot habla de lo que fue trabajar con 2Pac y del proyecto One Nation. En la Entrevista habla de que trabajar con el fue muy espiritual, de que la primera vez que estuvo con Pac, el lo alojo en su casa y que esa vez llego muy borracho y que Pac se reia como loco de la desgracia de BDI Thug, tambien dice que el album fue grabado en tan solo 2 semanas y 1/2!...
Para mas informacion de la entrevista en >>> http://www.dubcnn.com/interviews/bootcampclik/

domingo, agosto 06, 2006

Tupac Presenta : Dramacydal - Revenge iz Sweet

jueves, agosto 03, 2006

DJ Wreck Presenta : We Don't F*** Wit 2Pac
Si tienes alguna duda de que 2Pac tenia enemigos?, escucha este mixtape liberado en el 2004 que recopila temas con dedicación a makaveli de sus mas afamados enemigos.
Lista D Tracks
1 - 2pac Intro
2 - A Dangerous MC (original version) - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac)
3 - Long Kiss Goodnight - Notorious B.I.G. feat. P. Diddy (dissin' 2pac)
4 - Dead or Alive pt. 1 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
5 - Brooklyn's Finest - Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' Faith & 2pac)
6 - Big Momma Thang (original version) - Lil' Kim (dissin' Faith & 2pac)
7 - Phenomenon - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
8 - I Shot Ya (remix) - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
9 - Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac)
10 - Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac &Nas)
11 - 4321 - DMX (dissin' 2pac)
12 - DMX Freestyle (dissin' 2pac & West Coast)
13 - Ja Rule Freestyle (dissin' 2pac)
14 - Dead or Alive pt. 2 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
15 - Cowboys - Fugees (dissin' 2pac)
16 - The Score - Fugees feat. Diamond D (dissin' 2pac)
17 - LA, LA - CNN feat. Mobb Deep (dissin' West Coast)
18 - Who Shot Ya - Notorious B.I.G.
19 - BONUS: Against All Odds - 2pac(dissin' Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Puff Daddy, Nas, Stretch & LL Cool J)

martes, agosto 01, 2006

Makaveli and Dillinger E.P.-Tha Instrumentals