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Tributos a 2Pac Shakur aka Makaveli the Don

Thug Life -Keep Em Runnin

Big Syke feat Thug Life -To Pac

Won-G -We Wont Cry

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jueves, octubre 13, 2005

Un gran video,Pour Out A Little Liquor del Album Thug Life vol.1

viernes, octubre 07, 2005

Pacside la lleva...un directo para bajar algunos videos clips de Tupac como California Love

martes, octubre 04, 2005

Bien, aquí esta. La lista de los temas ineditos(NO ESTAN TODOS!), rumores o verdaderos?. por supuesto que nosotros algunos vestigios no los hemos escuchado, tenemos que creer todavía,por que queda mucho tiempo para que sean liberados. Tambien se sabe y esto es realidad por que el mismo Ice Cube lo ha confirmado,existen 2 o 3 canciones en colaboracion de este. El tiempo mostrará de todos modos.

16 On Death Row (Original Version)
187 Um
2 Deep In This Game with Thug Life, K-Ci & JoJo
2 Late Playa with MC Hammer, Nuttso, Big Daddy Kane & Danny Boy
21 Gun Salute with The Outlawz
4 My Niggaz (Alternativa) with Storm
4 My Niggaz (Full Version) with Storm
4 Tha Luv
6 Or 12
Afterlyfe with Alanis Morisette & Hussein Fatal
All About U (3 Versos) with Nate Dogg
All Eyez On Me (Original Solo Version)
All Out (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Amerikkan Revolution
Are You Still Down (Daz Remix) with Jon B
Articulate with Jewell & Danny Boy
As the World Turnz (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Ashes To Ashes
Babiez Makin Babiez
Baby Don't Cry (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Back 2 Da Hood with Isley Brothers
Back Stabbas
Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Original Version)
Better Dayz (Original Version)
Better Dayz (DJ Z-Trip Remix)
Big Time (Original Version) with Notorious BIG & The Live Squad
Black Cotton (Original Version) with Mouse Man & Mopreme
Black Jesus (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Blunt Tyme with Dr. Dre & Lady Of Rage
Born 2 Die with Nuttso
Borrowed Times with Chelle
Bounce My Way with YGD & Storm
Breakin' Thru Breathin' (Original Solo Version)
Brothaz At Armz with Buckshot
Brothaz At Armz (Alternativa) with Buckshot & Cocoa Brovaz
Bury Me A G (Original Solo Version)
Bury Me A G (Remix)
California Love "Nu Mixx" with Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman
Can Ya Hollar At Us? with Daz
Can't Get Enough with The Outlawz
Can You See Tha Real Me with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Cause I Had To with The Governor
Changed Man (Original Version) with Big Syke & Nate Dogg
Changes (Original Version)
Check Out Time (Original Version)
Come With Me
Commrads with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Confessions (aka Breathin) with Bizzy Bone
Crooked Nigga Too (Original Version) (aka Crooked Ass Nigga II) with Stretch
Daddys Lil Girl with Jewell
Danger Time with The Live Squad (CDQ)
Deadly Cause with E.D.I. Mean & Young Noble
Dear Mama (Original Version)
Definition Of A Thug Nigga (Original Version)
Demons Of Depression with Yukmouth
Die 4 Me with The Outlawz
Don't Call Me Bitch (Alternativa)
Don't Call Me Bitch (Full Outro) with Val Young
Don't Close Your Eyes with Redman
Don't Fall Aslepp with E.D.I. & Hussein Fatal
Don't Fall Asleep with Daz Dillinger & Scarface
Don't Sleep (Original Version) with Nutt-so & Outlawz Inmortalz
Don't Sleep (Promo Mix) with Nutt-so
Don't You Trust Me (Original Version) with Dave Hollister
Don't You Trust Me (Coro Cantado por una Mujer)
Dopefiend's Diner (Remix) with TQ
Dopefiend's Diner with Digital Underground
Down Wit It
Dump Or Die with Gonzoe, Kurupt, Nuttso & Scarlo
Enemies With Me (Original Version) with Dramacydal, Stretch, Majesty & Sh'Killa
Erase Tha Facez with Soopafly, Nate Dogg & Kurupt
Eternal Thugz with Bone Thug -N- harmony,Thug Life & The Outlawz
Extreme Venom with Crooked I & The Lady of Rage
Fade Me with Napoleon & Kastro
Fake Ass Bitches with ??? (No Sista Souljah)
Fame (Original Version) (aka Fortune And Fame) with Kadafi,Spice 1 & Kokane
Family Pictures
Fantasy with Terry Agust
First 2 Bomb with Outlawz Inmortalz
Flex with Dramacydal
Friendz (Original Version) (CDQ)
Fright Night (Original Version) with Storm
From the Cradle To The Grave with Thug Life
From the Cradle to the Grave (Moe-Z Version) with Thug Life & Moe-Z
Fuck 'Em All (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Fuck The World (Original Version) with Dramacydal
Gaffled Like That with Richie Rich
Gaffled Like That (Version 2) with Richie Rich & The Gov
Get Away Get Some For Girls
Gettin' Blown with The Outlawz
Ghetto Blues
Ghetto Gospel (4 Versos, Full Outro)
Ghetto Gospel (4 versos, full Outro) with Kastro
Ghetto Lullabye (aka Ghost Original Version)
Ghetto Star (Original Version) with Nutt-so
Ghetto Star (Version 2) with Bad Azz
Ghetto Theme with Mac Mall
Gilrs Tryin' To Work A Nigga with Terry Agust
God Bless the Dead (Original Version) with Strech
Grab The Mic
Hail Mary "Nu Mixx" with Eastwood
Hard 2 Kill
He Vs. She
Heartz Of Men "Nu Mixx" with Kurupt
Heaven And Hell with Big Syke
Heaven Or Hell (Tha Outro)
Hell 4 A Hustler (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Hennessey (Original Version) with Big Syke & Mouse Man
High Speed (Original Version with Full Outro)
Hit 'Em Up (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz & Prince Ital Joe
Hold On Be Strong (Original Version) with Strech
Holla If Ya Hear Me (Original Version) with Stretch & Majesty
Homeboyz (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Homicide with C-Bo
House Of Pain (Original Version) with Stretch & Notorious BIG (CDQ)
How Do You Want It (Original Solo Version)
How Do You Want It (Original Version) with Natasha Walker
Hymn Of A 90's N.I.G.G.A.
I Can't Turn Back (Full Intro Version) with Spice-1 & Blackjack
I Thought You Knew
If There's A Cure
If U Can't Beat Us with Jewell & Tha Dogg Pound
If You Really Want It (aka Let Em Have It) with Storm & Jewell
If Your Down With Me
I'm Gettin' Money (Original Version)
In Tha Ghetto with Daz & Lady V
In The End
In The Event Of My Demise (Remix) with TQ
Indonesia with The Outlawz & Jewell
Is It Cool 2 Fuck with Macadoshis & The Rated R
It Ain't Necessary with Shock G
Just Watching with Snoop Dogg, D.P.G. & Charlie Wilson
Killing Fields (Original Version) with Dramacydal & Napolean
Killuminati (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Killuminati (Original Version) with The Outlawz (Pac solo 1 Verso)
Komradz (Original Version) with Big Syke & The Outlawz
L8 Nite (Original Dirty Version) with DJ Quick & AMG
Last Nite Alive (aka Last Dayz)
Leave Us Kids Alone
Let Them Thangz Go (Original Version)
Let's Fight with Capital LS, Cocoa Brovaz, BuckShot, Outlawz Inmortalz & Knumskull
Let's Get It On with TC: The Krew (Dimitrius Striplin, Marku Reynolds, Darron Page & Klark Gable)
Letter 2 My Unborn (Original Version)
Letter 2 My Unborn (Original Version 2) with Kadafi
Letter 2 The President (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Lie 2 Kick It (Original Version) with Richie Rich
Life's So Hard (Original Version) (aka Life As A G)
Life Styles Of The Poor & Homie with TC: The Krew (Dimitrius Striplin, Marku Reynolds, Darron Page & Klark Gable)
Lil Homies with Danny Boy
Lost Souls (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Luv Potion with Jon B
M.O.B. (Original Version) with Thug Life & The Outlawz
Ma' Babiez Mama
Ma Ma Ma with Kadafi
Made Niggaz (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Makaveli Greeting
Makaveli Outro
Makaveli Who? with Daz Dillinger
Mama's Just A Little Girl (Original Version)
Me & My Girlfriend "Nu Mixx"
Me & The Click with E-40 & The Click
Me And My Homies (Original Version) with Nate Dogg
Military Mindz (aka Where Are My Soldiers At?) with Boot Camp Click
Murder Mystery
Muthafuckaz Not Knowin' (Track de One Nation Era)
My Babiez Mama
My Block (1st Take Original Version)
My Closest Roadawgz (Original Solo Version)
My Closest Roadawgz (Original Version) with Big Sike
My Dyin' Day (aka Late Nite 95) with Dramacydal (CDQ)
My Own Style with Greg Nice & The Outlawz
Mystery Murderer (I Say Fuck 'Em!) with The Outlawz & Daz
N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant Gettin Goalz Accomplished) (Original Version) with Mopreme & Mouse Man (Underground Railroad)
N.Y.C. Imposters with The Outlawz
Neva Heard It
Never Be Peace (Original Version) with Marvaless & Storm
Never Call You Bitch Again (Original Version)
Niggaz Done Changed (Original Version) with Richie Rich
Niggaz Is Like That with Snoop Doggy Dogg
Niggaz Nature (Original Version) with Val Young
Niggaz Need Protection with Big Syke and The Outlawz
Nothing To Lose (Original Version)
Old School (Original Version) with Richie Rich
One Day At A Time (Remix) with Krayzie Bone & The Outlawz
One Nation Emcees with Terry August
One Nation With Boot Camp Click
Only Move 4 The Money (Original Version)
Original Inmate with Daz, Soopafly & Chocolate Bandit
Out On Bail (CDQ) with Thug Life
Out On Bail (Supa Dave Remix)
Outlaw Nigga
Outlawz On Tha Row
Pac's Life
Pain (Original Version) with Stretch
Pass The 40 (СDQ) with Pee Wee, Saafir, Raw Fusion & Stretch
Passionate Ecstasy with Jon B
Penitentiary Bound with Mopreme, Prince Ital Joe & The Outlawz
Play Your Cards Right with Outlawz Inmortalz, K-Ci & JoJo & Michelle
Pour Out A Little Liquor "Nu Mixx"
Rapper's Ball (Remix) with E-40
Rather Be Your Lover with Madonna
Remember Me
Representing For Ron G with Stretch, Keith Murray & It's Alive
Resist The Temptation
Resurrection with Scarface
Revange At All Costs with Kadafi
Revenge (Remix)
Ride with KCi & Jojo & Roger Troutman
Right Between Tha Eyez with Snoop Doggy Dogg & Daz
Road 2 Glory (Studio Version)
Runnin' (Original Version) with Thug Life, Stretch & Notorious B.I.G.
Scared Str8 '91 with Stretch
Secretz Of War (Original Version) with Spice 1 & Kurupt
Secretz Of War (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz (incluido 2 versos de 2pac)
Secretz Of War (Solo Version)
Shadowz Of A Broken Man
Silent Murder with The Outlawz
Smile (Original Version) with Scarface
So Many Enemies with Daz
So Many Tears (Original Version) with Stretch (CDQ)
So So Krazy with Da Brat
Soldiers At War with Scarface, Tray Dee & Redman
Something To Ride with Danny Boy
Soon As I Get Home with Kadafi
Souljah Like Me (Original Version) with Dee The Mad Bitch (aka Judgement Day)
Stay Awake
Static with Force One Network
Still Ballin' (Original Version) with Kurupt
Still Breathin'
Still I Rise (Original Version) with Fatal N'Felony & Big Syke
Still Pourin' Out Liquor with Thug Life
Str8 Ballin (Original Version) with Stretch & Dramacydal
Stressed Out
Street Life with Snoop Dogg & Prince Ital Joe
Sucka 4 Love with G-Money
Survivin' with MC Breed
Tattoo Tearz (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
Tear Drops & Closed Casket with Outlawz Inmortalz & Nate Dogg
Tearz Of A Clown (CDQ)
Temptations (Original Version)
Tha Kartel
The Day That I Die
The Good Die Young (Original Version) with The Outlawz & Val Young
The Man
The Morning Comes
The New and Untouchablez with Tha Dogg Pound, Nate Dogg & Tray Dee
The Struggle Continues with Big Syke, Hussein Fatal & O.F.T.B.
The World Is Mine
There U Go (Original Version) with Big Syke, Outlawz Inmortalz & Aaron Hall
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us (Original Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
They Wanna Bury Me
This Ain't Livin (Original Version) with Danny Boy
This Is Da Brain On A 40 Snitch
This Life I Lead (Original Version) with Gonzoe,Tha Dogg Pound & Nuttso
This Thug's Story
Through My Mind with The Outlawz
Throw Ya Hands Up
Thrown Out The Game with Kadafi
Thug 4 Life (Original Version) with Stretch (CDQ)
Thug In U Thug In Me (Remix) with K-Ci & Jo-Jo
Thug Life with Big Syke
Thug Life with TC: The Krew (Dimitrius Striplin, Marku Reynolds, Darron Page & Klark Gable)
Thug Luv (Original Version) with Bizzy Bone & Sylk-E-Fyne
Thug Mansion (Original Version)
Thug Nation
Thug Nigga with Capital LS, Asu & Gregg Nice
Thug Nigga (Alternativa) with Capital LS, Asu & Greg Nice
Thug Passion 2 with Daz, Too $hort & Jewell
Thug Redemption with Thug Life
Thugs Get Lonely Too (Original Version) with Live Squad
Thugs Get Lonely Too (Version 2) with Tech9ne & Live Squad
Thugstyle (Original Version with Full Intro)
Thugz Army
Time After Time (CDQ) with OFTB, Kadafi & Kurupt
Time After Time (Alternativa) with OFTB, Kurupt & Kadafi]
Too Tight with MC Hammer
Tongue Kissin' (aka Thug Tears akaSet It Free )
Toss It Up (Full Version) with Danny Boy & Jodeci
Tribulationz with E-40, B-Legit,Snoop Doggy Dogg & TQ
Troublesome '96 (Original Version)
Trump Tite
Tryin 2 Make It Thru (Original Version) with Freddie Fox & Stretch (aka Fuckin' With a Killer)
U Can Call (Original Version)
U Can Be Touched (Pac Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
U Can Be Touched (Napoleon Version) with Outlawz Inmortalz
U Don't Have 2 Worry with Outlawz Inmortalz (Incluida Storm)
U Don't Wanna Battle with Ryan D (Full Version)
Unbreakable with Danny Boy
Untouchable Freestyle
Untouchablez with Kadafi
Untouchablez with Crooked-I
Untouchablez with The Dogg Pound, Nate Dogg and Tray Dee
Uplift The Race (aka Panther Power Pt 2) with Kadafi
Uppercut (Original Version) with ??? (No Sista Souljah)
Use Me Vengeance
Vally Of Death
Walk Of Grace
Warriors with Tek, Steele, Buckshot & MC Flow
Watch Ya Mouth with The Outlawz
We Will See
Welcome 2 Deathrow with Danny Boy
What Comes Around Goes Around with The Click
Wath Goes On with Mopreme & Mouse Man
What I'll Do For Love with Strictly Dope
Whats Next with Big Syke, Mopreme & Prince Ital Joe
We Will See with Mr. Biggs
When I Get Free (Original Version)
When I Get Free (Original Version) with The Outlawz
When I Rize with The Outlawz
When Nobody Lovez Me with Shock G
When Thugs Cry (Original)
When We Ride (Remix) with Storm
When We Ride On Our Enemies with The Outlawz
Where Have U Been?
Where Will I Be (Original Version) with Dramacydal
Wherever U Are (aka Shot Shot) with Big Daddy Kane
Who Do U Believe In (Original Version) with Kadafi
Who Do U Believe In (Original Version 2) with Kadafi & Big Pimpin
Who Do U Luv (Original Version) with Stretch (CDQ)
Who The Hell Are You
Why Me Why?
Wild Wayz Of A Man
Wonder Why they Call You Bitch (Original Version) with Faith Evans
Words 2 My First Born (Original Version) with Nuttso
Words 2 My First Born (Original Version, sin Sax) with Nuttso
World Wide Dime Piece (aka Cali Bitches) with Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu & Snoop Dogg
World Wide Mobbing
Worldwide Mob Figgaz (Original Version) with Big Syke, Kastro & E.D.I.
Wrote The Glory
Y All Can't Stop Us (aka Dont Stop the Music) with E.D.I., Hussein Fatal & Val Young
You Don't Bring Me Flowers with Ice-T
You Don't Know Me
You Go Girl

Biggie tendra un nuevo cd el 29 de noviembre y se dice q sale un featuring de Pac aqui la lista del track

2. New Day feat The Game
3. Brooklyn Love feat Mary J Blige
4. OVERSTAND Feat Black Rob
5. Men To Men feat Jay-z
6. Look At Me feat Lil Kim
7. Bad Boy feat Diddy
8. You Lose feat Foxy Brown & Assim
9. King Of NY Feat Nas
10. You and Me feat 112
11. Hold ya head feat Bob Marley
12. Back For Good feat R.Kelly
13. Dreams Feat Kanye West
14. In The Mind of a killer feat Cam-Ron & Jim jones
15. Star Is Born feat Diddy & Carl Thomas
16. Gangstaz dont die Feat The Lox
17. Legends Feat Ness & Babs
18. The final Chapter feat Diddy
19. Bonus: Warning feat Snoop Dogg
20. Bonus: This is beef feat Mobb Deep
21. Bonus: Bigthug feat Tupac Shakur

lista del track sacada de theindustrysoundbank.com forum

domingo, octubre 02, 2005

Death Records acaba de sacar un nuevo disco,una compilación de lo mejor de los que pertenecieron a esta disquera,aqui saldra por supuesto el gran maestro 2Pac,tambien salen Snoop,Dre,DPG,etc.esta es la lista de los track:

Disc 1

California Love (Remix) - 2Pac, Dr Dre
Ain't No Fun -
Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat. Nate Dogg
Regulate -
Warren G Feat. Nate Dogg
Come When I Call -
Danny Boy
All Eyez On Me -
Let Me Ride -
Dr Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg
Murder Was The Case -
Snoop Doggy Dogg
No Vaseline -
Ice Cube
What Would You Do -
Tha Dogg Pound
Hit 'Em Up -
2Pac Feat. The Outlawz
Lodi Dodi -
Snoop Doggy Dogg
In California -
Daz Dillinger
Hovy Baby (Remix) -
I Ain't Mad At Cha -
Lil' Ghetto Boy -
Dr Dre
Snoops Upside Your Head -
Snoop Doggy Dogg
Keep Ya Head Up -

Disc 2

Who Am I (What's My Name?) -
Snoop Doggy Dogg
Who Been There, Who Done That? -
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted -
2Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg
Natural Born Killaz -
Dr Dre, Ice Cube
Thug Passion -
2Pac Feat. Jewell, The Outlawz, Storm
Gin 'N' Juice -
Snoop Doggy Dogg
New York, New York -
Tha Dogg Pound
Ambitionz Az A Ridah -
Fuck Wit Dre Day -
Dr Dre Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg
Toss It Up -
Keep Their Heads Ringin' -
Dr Dre
All-My -
Afro Puffs -
The Lady Of Rage
How Do U Want It -
2Pac Feat. K-Ci, Jojo
Tha Shiznit -
Snoop Doggy Dogg
All 'Bout U -
2Pac Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nate Dogg, Fatal, Yaki Kadafi
The Raw Fusion Greatest Hits Album se reeditó en la escena limitada, Ahora se llama Raw Fusion - Experiments In Bio-Stylee Technologie 1991-1996, pero lo mas importante de este cd es la ultima cancion "Pass The 40" donde salen featuring de 2Pac & Big Stretch
aqui la lista de los track

01. I Be The One (Inedita)
02. Throw Your Hands In The Air
03. Word For The Day
04. Glockadoodaydoo
05. It's A Shame (Inedita)
06. Freaky Note
07. Dirty Drawls
08. Fa Sho (Inedita)
09. Action Packed
10. 1 With A Bullet
11. Hoochiefied Funk
12. R. Kelly Tape (Inedita)
13. Top Of The Hill (Inedita)
14. Don't Test
15. Do My Thang
16. Hello (!2 Inches Intro)
17. 12 Inches
18. PASS THE 40